NiX Fully Automates Personal Data Management (PDM)

Exceed customer, employee and partner privacy expectations with quality personal data to earn and keep their trust​


What sets us apart

How NiX Works

Instead of synchronizing and copying both personal data (i.e., names, addresses) and preferences data (opt-in and opt-outs) separately, NiX greatly eases and de-risks data management by enabling centralized policy-based enforcement of personal data preferences. Doing so turns privacy by sprawl into privacy by default. NiX attaches customer preferences with the customer’s underlying personal data to create Intelligent personal data, which is used to automate and centrally enforce policy around the storage, processing, access, sharing, and consolidation of personal data.

NiX leverages distributed multi-layer encryption to not only protect personal data from a data breach, but also eliminates the oversharing of personal data by enforcing policy through Intelligent personal data so that only those uses and parties for which there is acquired consent and data sovereignty regulations is allowed. As such, NiX eliminates the large effort and privacy breach risks associated with data synchronization of customer preferences and replaces it with policy and API-based real-time consumption of preferences.



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