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You will learn how NiX can:

  • Enable single view of the customer
  • Establish trust with customers
  • Secure data across all touchpoints and channels
  • Save money and time
  • Reduce regulatory risk and liability
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What people are saying about us


I appreciate how NiX provides the ability to secure and control customer data that is used outside the company to better manage third-party risk, plus it automates the process and reduces the workload of the Privacy team.

Bart Holzer

CISO, Wesley Financial

A significant impact of data privacy regulations is the tectonic shift in who controls personal data. Leading companies deploy technologies like NiX to empower consumers to actively participate in the management of their personal data.

James Howard

Author and Advisor: Data Management and Privacy

Easily integrate with our ready-to-use plugins

NiX plugin
for Magento 2+

Get our Magento plugin to get compliant quickly and easily.

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • No impact to shopping experience.
  • Integrates Magento with NiX compliance and DSR automation services.
  • Tracks and controls consumer data in and out of Magento.
  • Tracks and controls data leaving for 3rd party systems.
  • Gives your customers data rights management.


Gain precious customer trust while streamlining data management to avoid being a statistic



of consumers will not interact with businesses if they have concerns about their data security practices.



of consumers say they should be able to control the information they share with businesses online.



of data breaches are caused by 3rd parties.



Is the average cost savings when businesses adopt a centralized data governance program​.

A unique approach to acquire and renew customer trust

A single solution to empower the whole business

NiX centrally manages customer preferences to allow for sprawl reduction and preference-based enforcement of personal data use​


Increased consumer trust

By reducing breach and oversharing risks, plus giving consumers control and visibility over their data, you gain and retain valuable consumer trust.


Quality Personal Data

Enabling a centralized source of Intelligent personal data enables a ‘cleaning engine’ for the many sprawled copies of data and the natural consolidation of data.


Privacy by default, not by sprawl

By centrally managing customer preferences and residency, privacy policy can be automatically enforced via policy to eliminate oversharing risks.


Reduced cyber risks

Our next-gen security architecture protects data at all times while NiX remains blind to that data which ensures reduced risk and liability.


Always remain compliant

We always ensure our cloud service remains compliant with existing and new regulations so you don't have to.


Cost effective & futureproof

Since NiX is a cloud subscription, there is no need to spend significant upfront capital to develop or maintain logic whenever privacy policies change.


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